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The chief of the European border and coast guard agency says that migrant deaths in the Mediterranean on the Libya to Italy route have increased to a record level despite ever more rescue vessels trying to prevent mass drowning.

National security adviser Michael Flynn resigned, ending days of speculation about his fate following reports that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russia. Embattled national security adviser Michael Flynn's fate as one of President Donald Trump's senior aides is uncertain following reports that he discussed U. sanctions with a Russian envoy before Trump's inauguration.

A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction barring the Trump administration from implementing its travel ban in Virginia, adding another judicial ruling to those already in place challenging the ban's constitutionality.

Years ago, officials told federal regulators that communities just downstream of California's Oroville Dam would not receive adequate warning or time for evacuations if the 770-foot-tall dam itself, rather than its spillways, were to fail.

Top world leaders and defense officials are getting their first opportunity to meet with members of the Trump administration amid concerns over the new president's commitment to NATO and posture toward Russia.

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The Golden Treasures Chinese Auction benefits Kollel Ner Dovid, the Kollel Division of the renowned Rabbinical Seminary of America – Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim.The Trump administration has asked the founder of a New York-based private equity firm to lead a review of the U. intelligence community as President Donald Trump vows to crack down on what he describes as "illegal leaks" of classified information.The billionaire heir to Samsung, South Korea's best known conglomerate, is making his second attempt to block efforts by prosecutors to arrest him on bribery and other charges in connection with a corruption scandal that has engulfed the president.Among 10 Things to Know: Problem nominations for US presidents hard to avoid, history shows; Third arrest made in Kim Jong Nam's death in Malaysia; China carfentanil ban a 'game-changer' for opioid epidemic.News of the apparent assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother has rippled across Asia as Malaysian investigators scoured airport surveillance video for clues and rival South Korea offered up a single, shaky motive: paranoia.Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder show several brain regions that are slightly smaller than usual, more evidence that the disorder should be considered a neurological condition, a new study says. illegally as a child but was protected from deportation under a policy by President Barack Obama is suing the federal government over his arrest and detention last week.


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