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I am just posting the gallery of what she sent (except the images with her face in them) enjoy, I have this girl I met on Ashley Madison and we hook up from time to time for some wild sex. For the most part, she emails me, or I her, and if we're both free, we meet up at a local bar and then go off to fuck. The last time we got together, we were laying in bed after our first round, and I asked her, "So what's the hottest thing you've ever done? ha"She started to tell me this story about her ex husband and a strap-on, but then changed gears and said..."Well actually, it would probably have to be the first time I ever squirted!" I was more than curious and asked her to tell me. I've had my GF kiss it before, so I figure why not... I get up fast and run up the back stairs while **** jumps up and sits on the couch, just as they come in.a few minutes later I come down the front stairs, dressed and say, oh you're back, **** been waiting.but I got her to agree to take some dirty pictures and a short video of herself doing whatever I specified if I won.

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So she told the following story: (The following is almost word for word what she told me)"OK, first some background information. I spread my legs and he gets between them and starts starts to kiss, I feel his fingers and I say, HEY NO FINGERS! I couldn't see him as my shirt was over his head but OMG My pussy!! FFWD a few days later and I'm home with one of my friends and playing, of all things, Truth or Dare.

I was -- Years old and my older brother had a friend that I liked who was only 3 years older than me. So I would always try to hang out with them and follow them around and try to get him to notice me. He mummbles something, and then I feel him Lick me and HOLY SHIT!!!! within seconds my legs were shaking, and had to push him off. I tell her all about **** and what we did, and she's laughing at me but also, a little jealous. Then she asked me what he actually did....I said, Dare me to show you!One morning, he came over looking for my brother but he was off with my parents somewhere and I was home alone. "*****At this point in her story, I am so fucking turned on that I had to interrupt her and fuck her like mad! She starts laughing and says, "You just want me to turn you on so we can fuck again! In the meantime, me and my GF Sam, are turning into lesbians and have upgraded from tongues to fingers!I lied and said he wouldn't be long and asked if he wanted to come in and wait, which he did. He dares me to stand in front of his face, lift my shirt and show me my pussy close up. lol One Saturday, Sam calls me and asks me to come over, as her parents went away for the night and wont be back until Sunday afternoon. She's not far away so I ride my bike, along the way, I hear a car horn and it's ****!! I tell him what I'm doing and tell him to come over later in the evening. I get to Sams, tell her I saw **** and he's coming over later!!! Sam dares **** to stroke his cock in front of them. Then, I take the plunge and dare **** to lick my pussy!But in his eyes I could have been 10 years younger. I would wear tight shorts and small shirts with no bra so he could easily see my tits. lol, she does and Go down to lick her as **** licked me and, just like, me..grabbed my head and legs went nuts shaking!When he stayed the night, I would wear a T shirt with no underwear and make sure it 'accidentally' lifted up when he was around and we were alone. a few seconds later, she pushes me off out of breath and says,,,, OMG WHOA!!! so then we both start doing that to each other the rest of the afternoon!! I say, OK, so you still haven't brought up the "squirting" subject yet! So she continues:*****"So it goes about a few months since I'm able to get alone with ****, but we always exchange sly looks when alone.I was still in my night shirt and after he sat down in the living room, I ran upstairs to pull my panties off then came downstairs and told him I had to do my exercises. so without hesitation, I jump up and do just that, I can feel his breath on my pussy and I'm getting so horny! *** gets to the house, we chit chat for a bit and Sam says, sooo, who wants to play Truth or Dare!? This time however, I tell him to lay down, and I straddle his face, this way Sam can still stroke his cock, I pull my own lips apart for him and he starts licking, and in seconds I'm cumming.


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  2. From what I can gather on her Twitter, she's living in Worcester now and still active in the theater community (she just got back from Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

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