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Read it yourself, or better yet, buy two copies and read it together, sharing your experiences as you move through this excellent book that aims to help people explore "peak erotic experiences." The book is based on psychotherapist Jack Morin's years of experience working with individuals to remove the barriers to sexual fulfillment. Check Amazon rating » By Laura Corn Laura Corn has taken the tips and techniques you'll find in most sex manuals and reconfigured them into 52 sexual encounters.

The book comes with 26 invitations for you to send to your partner, and 26 for him/her to send to you.

Each invitation is sealed and contains instructions on a sexy encounter that awaits that week, ranging from romantic to raunchy. Check Amazon rating » By Violet Blue Veteran sex guide author Violet Blue guides you through playful and creative ways to spice up your sex lives.

Whether living single or enjoying coupledom, find out how to make your hottest fantasies come to life.

Sex and relationship books offer a great way to explore your fantasies and expand your sexual repertoire.

Whether you enjoy reading explicit fantasies, literotica, or sex manuals, you'll find that the journey is often as much fun as the destination.

We read and review all our adult books, and try to choose erotica that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and sensibilities.

If you're new to erotica, you might want to begin with one of the anthologies or the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Ducky Doolittle has traveled the country for years giving entertaining and educational workshops on every sexual topic under the sun.


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