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A father may feel defeated if he is not able to arrange for the best quality food at his daughter’s wedding.

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Relishing Kaju Kish-mish pulao with chicken kosha, katla machher kalia, chingrir malai curry, maccher dimer bora, or pathar jhol may assume a whole new meaning when you know that you have every right to celebrate special moments with special menu if you have been following a simple and low-calorie diet plan for quite some time.

You will feel the true sweetness of life when you enjoy occasional treats.

We do not advise you to forget the ‘sweetness’ of Bengali culture, but we definitely recommend that you enjoy sweets as an occasional reward for your sincere commitment to a sort of ‘non-Bengali’ diet plan.

You may find a sample 1200 Calorie Bengali Diet Plan for Weight Loss for you here : The fact is that, you can enjoy all the goodness in East Indian cuisine and keep a control on the calorie meter provided you check your portion intakes.

While modernization has touched lives in Bengal in many areas including diet and lifestyle over these years, the basic attitude of Bengalis towards food has remained the same.

Bengalis were emotional about their food and they will continue to show deep emotions throughout generations.

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Being born and raised as a Bengali may make you experience the pleasures hidden in the water!

In other words, your Bengali soul and spirit may get enriched with the pleasures that you derive from the great taste of fish recipes.

Bengalis are known for their creative culinary abilities and damn-caring attitude when it comes to satisfying their taste buds and that is the reason why it is quite challenging to design a diet plan that would address the demands of Bengali taste buds as well.


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