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They lust inside for the pain that gives them sexual satisfaction.Are you a man willing to get your balls kicked and punished?

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This is all about my power over you, Mistress having the control to kick you hard in the balls or to wack you hard ls enough so to bring a tear to your eyes.

If thisis something you have often thought about and watched tube videos on and it’s something you want to experiment with , then pop into my live video chat room and discuss with me now.

Weak slaves and subs whether it be restraining them them or having them free and using will power not to interfere I just love the look on their faces when I dig deep with my high heels or bounce on top of their little marbles or even just great big kicks to them and watching them fall to the ground.

No matter what level is something I love to experiment with from twisting and squashing them in my hands to kicking to trampling on them, to tieing them so tight before i kick, no matter what level you are at with it I am always ready to push you that little bit more.

I love ballbusting in ever form possible from having you stand against a wall as I knee you hard in the balls, to making you lie on the floor and I stand all over your balls as well as kicking them and twisting my high heel into them, if you are looking to experiment with this or looking for a webcam shows then enter my live room now.

I love to chat with slaves on webcam about ballbusting and tell them what to do as I watch and enjoy.I love to experiment with all subs and at all levels of bdsm so enter my chat live now You can also watch other Mistresses live who love to chat about it and to give you directions of what you must do for them on cam so to watch them who love this as much as I do then just select from below and enter their free chat area and tell them you are there to be crucified and let them direct you the rest of the way.All Dommes love these types of shows, as it gives us so much power and control to see you do as you are told in the most sensitive part of your body your cock and balls.So just select a from below and start your show live now. When i say these women don’t give a shit, i truly mean it.Find out about What Mistress will make you do in a cam show right here select a live cam The most precious thing to any man is his cock and balls. Watch any guy for longer than two minutes and he will be fidgeting and checking them and playing with them.


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