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For example, Indiana specifies that "a victim who was injured while committing, attempting to commit, participating in or attempting to participate in a criminal act" is ineligible for victims' compensation.

8.) Judges, police and juries often hold bias against sex workers.

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New York and Ohio explicitly exclude prostitution to be used as character evidence against rape victims.

Judges in states without explicit exclusion of sex work often allow for prostitution to be brought up.7.) Sex workers are often ineligible for rape victim compensation funds or receive reduced amounts.

Globally, sex workers have a 45 to 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence at some point in their careers and a 32 to 55% chance of experiencing sexual violence in a given year.2.) Sexual assault against individuals engaged sex work (especially criminalized forms of sex work) in the United States is also high.

In Phoenix, AZ 37% of prostitution diversion program participants report being raped by a client, and 7.1% report being raped by a pimp.

In the United Kingdom, anyone with a minor conviction, including a conviction for public solicitation, is barred from receiving full rape victim compensation.

In United States, sex worker survivors cannot receive compensation for lost wages from engaging in illegal forms of sex work.

In South Africa, sex workers are routinely harassed, beaten, and assaulted.

Police sexual violence against sex workers also exists in the United States: 17% of sex workers interviewed in a New York study reported sexual harassment and abuse, including rape, by police.

In other studies, youth, homeless individuals, individuals who had previously been arrested for prostitution, migrant sex workers, sex workers who use drugs, and street-based sex workers were especially at risk of violence.5.) Stigma increases violence.

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