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Thursday Amateur Night is the cheapest, with a bunch of friendly new faces competing for a cash prize and employment.This 24-hour peep show is in the heart of the red-light district which makes it an easy stop for those cruising the area.A thoroughly professional establishment that wants you to feel welcome and make your stay is an enjoyable experience.

Located close enough to both the St-Laurent and Ste-Catherine clubs, this is a popular place among locals to come and get their juices flowing before heading out to the dance clubs.

On Fridays and Saturdays, girls perform in a dark atmosphere on top of well-lit beds.

A popular voyeuristic haven, the girls will play with toys and allow you to touch them for only a small extra cost.

Customers are even invited to relax with a soothing massage from some of the most talented in Montreal.

Most popular on weekend evenings, their free scrumptious buffet on weekdays between am and 7pm keeps the place occupied with happy customers.

At Club Octopussy, they take pride in their excellent reputation.

Often filled with a suit-and-tie crowd, the Sex Appeal offers the best in erotic parties for groups of tourists or colleagues.

Known to be the American-style strip club, Club Downtown is located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

If you’re the more discreet type of guy who’s looking for a private stop, this place is for you.


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