We have clients using the platform to run peer-to-peer keep warm programmes with their current graduate cohort.Great responsibility for the current graduates, an authentic way to engage for those who are joining the business and a win for the resourcing team who have a watching brief but can take a step back. cản trở sự hình thành thoi vô sắc làm cho nhiễm sắc thể không phân ly.


Apart from Group Chats, the platform has a 121 chat function.

This tool can be used to support campaigns where you experience a high rate of phone and email enquiries.

This helps candidates to self-select, resulting in a more engaged, brand-aligned applicant.

Each chat should have an objective – do you want candidates to join a talent pool? Do you want to share a link to an online scenario tool to help the candidate to continue the self-selection journey?

Here are some examples of the ways different organisations are using our moderated online chat platform, to engage candidates:- Launch chats to attract and engage candidates, sharing information and insight around the process, organisational culture and roles.

For graduate recruitment, these chats could be per stream, but also general / wider chats about the business, recruitment process etc.

The expectation isn’t that you will conclude the hiring process in a chat, but it’s an opportunity to say ‘we’d like to talk’.

It is possible to use ‘invitation only’ Group Chats to keep candidates warm at different stages of the process – both pre and post-offer.

Online chat is increasingly something we’re all familiar with in the consumer space, use it to create a great candidate experience in real-time instead of a burgeoning recruitment queries inbox.


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